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I'm about to launch MVGT (My Video Game Team forums: link) and I'd like you to come see it, let me know what you think before 'we' open our doors to everybody! As of now it's a 'soft open' meaning you can come in and post and things will work - but some bugs may pop up.

Anyway, right now I'd like to tell you about me.

As a young kid I always wanted to make video games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 7(they were my favorites when I was little). But as I grew older and listened to tales of great games made by rich people, I was quite discouraged.

Fast forward a dozen years or so. Something really cool is happening around the world! -- Hobbyist game makers – the makers of Braid and Minecraft and Super Meat Boy and others are rising to the surface even without giant budgets and expensive college degrees…

This moment in history encouraged me to rethink video game development. It outright made me inspired – on and off for a while.

About 1-3 months ago, I installed RPG maker(again!) and fiddled around with it to make a Star Trek type of game based on Game Dev Story for Android. The demo ran out but I managed to make a partially playable game where you could command a starship much like Voyager, fire "plasers", with funny one-liners and Star-trekesque alien races, etc…it was meant to simulate intense action and relationships over a few episodes and I was really into it, I mean I loved it. I stayed up really late programming the best I could with the limited knowledge I had, creating music, writing, and more…. 

But I hit a wall near the end of that month, where I had too much work to do. I had to do pixel art (something I'm barely able to do well), music, story, and programming….You get the picture; there was too much for one man.

So a few months later I registered a domain called to inspire people to do what they love, not what they hate. It was my hope to encourage people to quit jobs that they hate utterly, that cause them great and bitter disappointment either with their bosses, their personal life at home, their spiritual development and everything else that may matter to them. It was a worthwhile cause, and I still have faith in projecting this into the new site – you'll see!
But I lost interest after one post because I didn't know how to motivate people with it…or how to move forward after the initial inspirational moment.
It was then that I decided to make a forum for and to focus it in on something that I have a passion about, and convey that same message of:

> "do what you love"
> "don't do it for money, do it out of love!"
>  and "stop doing what you hate."

The My Video Game Team forum is for you – that guy or girl that always wanted to make a video game and got stopped for some reason. You will find the talent you  need to make your story, idea, or passionate game concept into a reality  - and people will get to play it.

I have condensed the game development process into a simple a formula as possible for you:
A) ask for help
B) get help on your game, hopefully, pro bono (yes, FREE!) –
Because, hey, we aren't all rich!

This entire forum, it is my hope, will be driven solely by people's personal drive to create games that give them that feeling of "I love what I've done today for myself and for others". It is my hope that you will find the right people to work with that will coordinate, communicate and assemble all the resources such as graphics, music, sound effects, programming, diagrams, videos, logos, story and other resources for your complete video game project.

You can do it. I know you can because I have faith in the talent that people have been given.

So, without any further words, please check out the forum at and let me know what you think – there's a feedback section just for that.
Or send me an email.

The Facebook Fan Page will be used to promote and subscribe people to the updates of this forum as it come on by and register, share your art and get in touch with game devs who would be more than happy to have your special skill on board for a journey into video game creation.

I know that if you have faith in the value of your idea, people will too.



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Share your video game project, gather team members, get help, and make your video game reality. FREE registration!


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